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Our first of many projects:

A project we are going to try and make for the next meeting (july 6th, 2007)

Kodak Zapper.pdf

"if anyone is already grabbing parts for the disposable
camera zapper get a fuji camera not a kodak one like
is says in the.pdf   using the fuji camera makes it
a lot easier to build.

Update 6/12/07

How many and what type of switches you need depend on
what camera you use because they function differently.
A Fuji camera only needs one of the switches listed
below to charge the flash manually. While a Kodak
camera will need one of the switches listed below and
a second switch to burn off the battery when its not
being used. This is because Kodak cameras recharge the
flash automatically and will drain the battery if left
on while Fuju cameras only recharge the flash when the
switch is held down.

No matter what camera you grab you will need these
parts listed below. So if you want to make one bring
the stuff below and myself or someone else will supply
the tools and misc stuff.

a Fuji or Kodak disposable camera with flash (Fuji
cameras are a lot easier to fit in the box than Kodaks
but either will work)

RS# is the Radioshack part number
Small Plastic Project Box( RS#: 270-283)
1 Single Pole momentary NO Switch (RS#: 275-644)
1 Type N Battery Holder (RS#: 270-405)
1 Or More Type N Batteries (RS#: 23-023)

~ unknown_entity



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