Let's Make a PSA

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So let's change the world or at least let's try. My idea is to have a bunch of 15 or 30 second Computer Security related PSA's. At first I was only thinking of videos but radio PSA's could work too. I think we as a community have enough friends in our local markets that could get them played. I think there are also some laws about stations having to play PSA's.

What I need are a bunch of scripts. I have a film teacher at a community college that thinks he could have a class film and produce them for us. The best part being free of charge.

My first thoughts are :
Something about running updates for Mac and Windows.
Don't click Stuff (sorry @Jadedsecurity)
Don't give out passwords.
Choose good passwords

And of course will have the standard disclaimer in case the machine crashes from the advice. ;)

So that being said please send the scripts to psa@1dave1cup.com