Most awkward hug contest @Derbycon

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Most awkward hug contest at DerbyCon 2.0!
Have some one take a picture of @jaysonstreet and you. Submit / e-mail the picture to All pictures will get uploaded to jayson's site or somewhere. Tweet them with the hash tag #DerbyHug

Judging will be done by a panel of Certified Ethical Huggers. They can and should be bribed , I mean Sociallied Engineered to vote for your picture.... :) Don't forget the person being awkwardly hugged aka @jaysonstreet or @dave_rel1k should feel awkwardly hugged!

The Prize!
Hugs are not for prizes! They are for caring, friendship and more than I can list here. But ok, you'll get one of the Yellow Awkward Hug's shirt mailed to you after the con. The reason is I'm only making a few of the shirts and I bet you'd like the shirt in your size.

All standard disclaimers apply ;) All rules subject to change and bribes. No warrantees on anything :)

Link to Jayson's Awkward hugs flickr stream for ideas...